Developing disruptive technologies for the global wound healing market

Phoenix Eagle is a biopharmaceutical research and development company with a robust product pipeline based on its unique OPAL technology

Our unique OPAL process

Our patented OPAL technology has tested in a clinical setting and shown to be efficacious and safe, enabling for the gentle treatment of a variety of chronic conditions.

A superior wound healing product: OPAL A

Our lead product, OPAL A, is derived from papaya fruit and has the potential to become the treatment of choice for a variety of chronic wounds and skin disorders. We’re only just beginning to uncover the true extent of OPAL A’s therapeutic and cosmetic capabilities.


OPAL A is a bioactive wound care treatment produced using the pulp of the Carica papaya (paw paw) plant.
OPAL A is our lead therapeutic product and is made using our patented OPAL process.
Extensive clinical data and scientific research shows that OPAL A could have multiple therapeutic and cosmetic applications far beyond that already known.

About Us

Phoenix Eagle is a bio-pharmaceutical company developing disruptive technologies for the global wound healing and skin care markets.

OPAL Process

Our patented OPAL process takes heated fruit and vegetable pulp and alkalises it to change its chemical and enzymatic composition.


Public presentation of OPAL001 and OPAL A