We are a Biopharmaceutical Company

We are a privately-held virtual biopharmaceutical company.

We were founded in 2002 to commercialise our intellectual property by developing therapeutic and cosmetic products from application of our patented OPAL Process to fruits and vegetables.

We have a Superior Wound Healing Drug

Our lead pharmaceutical product OPAL A is in a Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of non-healing venous and pressure ulcers.

OPAL A delivers highly effective wound debridement. We believe that after the required regulatory testing of the safety and efficacy of the isolated chemical entities responsible for this bioactivity a pharmaceutical drug for use in the debridement of wounds will be approved and marketed around the globe.

However, OPAL A is more than an efficient wound debriding composition. Our extensive clinical data shows that OPAL A is highly effective in healing non-necrotic and non-infected wounds via vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory modes of action. Scientific studies that we have undertaken show that a different family of chemical entities from those providing the debriding activity of OPAL A are responsible for the observed vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

Clinical observations and preliminary scientific testing suggests that OPA A has anti-microbial properties, in addition to its ability to break down bio-film in an infected wound.

Finally, our clinical data strongly suggests that OPAL A has strong preventative properties in respect of skin integrity and skin tone. We believe that after the required regulatory testing drugs containing OPAL A will be widely used around the globe as a preventative, both in Aged Care facilities and hospitals and by individual, to avoid the incidence of the various types of dermal ulcers associated with aging and with diabetes.

We have a Successfully Commercialised Product

Our Australian licensee has successfully launched a non-pharmaceutical moisturiser in a pilot scheme in Tasmania, the smallest state in Australia, capturing 80% of the Aged Care Residential market in 15 months. OptiDerma Moisturising Skin Support is now rapidly being accepted by Aged Care Residential Facilities throughout Australia as the moisturiser of choice. Other skin and hair care products in the OptiDerma range are also gaining widespread acceptance in this market.