Our Patented OPAL Process

Our OPAL Process comprises the alkalisation of heated fruit and vegetable pulp. The active ingredients are extracted as filtrates. The filtrates may be formulated as lotions, creams, ointments, gels and the like. The filtrate derived from a particular fruit or vegetable can be used on its own or in combination with filtrates derived from other fruits and vegetables.

OPAL A is our Lead OPAL Product

Opal A is:

  • created by alkalisation of heated pulp of the fruit of the Carica papaya (paw paw)plant
  • the active ingredient in our Australian licensee’s OptiDerma products

Observed effects include:

  • prevention and treatment of a wide variety of skin disorders
  • rapid healing of tissue damaged by various types of burns
  • prevention and treatment of sunburn
  • improvement in the appearance and texture of facial skin
  • stimulation of hair growth
  • reduction in pain

We have commissioned a number of scientific and clinical studies of OPAL A.

The focus of the scientific research is on the role and mechanism of action of a suite of chemical entities that have been identified in OPAL A that are not present in the filtrate obtained from the unmodified pulp of the fruit. The findings to date include:

  • identification of the suite of active ingredients and their mode of action
  • greatly increased enzymatic and debriding activity as compared to commercial sources of this suite of chemical entities
  • identification of a second mode of action for an active ingredient not yet identified

The focus of the clinical research is on the safety and efficacy of OPAL A in the treatment of non-healing dermal ulcers of various aetiologies. The findings to date include:

  • no adverse properties
  • significantly enhanced therapeutic properties compared to the fruit of the Carica papaya plant that has not been subjected to the OPAL Process