Our Business Model

We operate as a virtual biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of next-generation pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the fields of bioactive debridement and wound repair and regeneration along with treatments for other skin conditions. Our R&D capability (non-clinical and clinical) and management operates in centres in Australia and the United Kingdom. Our product pipeline is based around our unique OPAL technology which delivers high efficacy along with an attractive safety profile that allows for treatment of chronic conditions. Our OPAL technology is backed by a strong global intellectual property position.

Our lead therapeutic product OPAL A is a bioactive wound care treatment. It is currently in a Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of non-healing venous and pressure ulcers. Our scientific research in the U.K. has identified a number of biotherapeutic chemical entities, some of which have not previously been identified.

The core of our business model is to partner with and/or license to companies that have the financial and technical resources to bring pharmaceutical and cosmetic products containing OPAL Products as their active ingredients to market around the globe. We are highly collaborative, and multiple opportunities exist for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to partner with us and/or license our technology and IP on a global basis.

We have licensed the OPAL Technology within Australia.